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Brian was born in Twickenham, England, in 1938 and started his education at a local Church of England primary school. As an adult, he ventured into the world of engineering as profession and spent over forty years in engineering design; thirty of those on a freelance basis.

In 1973, an unexpected twist of fate altered the course of his existence forever. This singular event unlocked the gates to profound enigmas, delving into the mysteries of life, death, ancient civilizations, Raja Yoga meditation, spiritual healing, scientific investigations into the afterlife, religion, reincarnation, health, wisdom teachings, altered states of consciousness, the nature of existence, UFOs, God, and everything that lies in between.

Brian’s life became a tapestry woven with numerous psychic and mystical experiences, validating the truths sought by genuine seekers of enlightenment. He traversed the globe, sharing his wisdom through twenty-five years of captivating lectures on metaphysical subjects. Engaging in countless Question and Answer evenings, he unveiled the realms beyond our ordinary senses. His fifteen years of public mediumship and clairvoyant demonstrations touched the lives of many, while thirty years of spiritual healing brought solace to those in need. Brian’s compassionate spirit extended to counseling the bereaved and suicidal, guiding them through their darkest moments. His leadership fostered psychic development circles and philosophical discussion groups, enriching the lives of countless individuals.

In 2005, Brian’s dedication to public service led him to be elected as a county councillor, followed by a town councillorship in 2007, where he would later become the esteemed Leader. Through these roles, he acquired invaluable experience collaborating with the police, supporting local youth facilities, and working alongside social services to aid special needs children and adults. Additionally, his involvement with local doctors and other NHS officers provided a unique perspective on healthcare. As a governor for two local educational institutions, Brian actively contributed to shaping the future of young minds.

Today, Brian resides in Bedfordshire with his beloved wife Patricia, cherishing the moments spent with cherished family and friends.

Brian Sadler

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