Luis Melendez Jr describes his early Spiritual Transformative Experiences

For many people, the wealth of psychical and scientific research accumulated over the last 150 years on the subjects of religious experience, mediumship, psi phenomena, the out of body experience, near death experiences, end of life experiences, and spontaneous psychic experiences proves beyond a reasonable doubt as to the spiritual dimension of life. Personaly, I think the time has come to consider the human being from the standpoint of the soul and its evolution - one part of which belongs to the spiritual plane - the second part, belonging the terrestrial plane, the physical body as vehicle of the Soul.

Just imagine for a moment, if this was a widely accepted fact – the human being understood from the point of view of the soul and its evolution, then the idea of recalling past-lives or reincarnation experiences, developing psychic abilities of clairvoyance or telepathy, learning how to heal ourselves using the power of thought, or consciously induce an out of body experience as a means of discovering the mysteries of the universe, would all be considered quite normal and useful skills like any other.

I believe these experiences offer a glimmer of hope, reminding us of our shared humanity and publicly disclose mine to help 1) stimulate conversation 2) encourage deep thinking regarding implications and 3) bring comfort and healing to those negatively impacted by these experiences. Despite the positive potential benefits of spiritual transformative experience, they can also be challenging and disorienting. Individuals may struggle to integrate the insights and revelations gained during the experience into their daily lives and may encounter resistance or scepticism from others.

Spirit Guide Encounter

I had just completed a six-months training certification course in spiritual healing and was keen to provide demonstration to a friend. I began preparing in customary fashion including sitting quietly in prayer followed by short meditation to calm the mind. As I stood up to move into position, I suddenly became aware of feeling different and before I could make sense of it all, my arms began gently parting, then moved to outstretched position, with palms facing upward. For a moment, it felt as though my entire body was being influenced or controlled by an intelligence outside of myself. This of course would prove to be the loving presence and ‘calling card’ of my spiritual guide and signalled readiness for healing session to begin. It’s worth mentioning here that unlike other students in the healing certification course, I had very little experience of meditation and psychic training up to that point. Spiritual awareness was something only read about in books and never actually experienced first-hand. To say the spirit guide encounter proved transformative is an understatement.

Supporting Comments:

  • Spirit guides are believed to be non-physical beings or entities that exist in the spiritual realm and are assigned to support and guide individuals on their spiritual journey. While different cultures and belief systems may have varying interpretations and names for spirit guides, their fundamental role remains consistent: to assist in spiritual development.
  • Spirit guides can be called upon through meditation, prayer, or other spiritual practices. Some individuals establish a deeper connection with their guides through rituals, ceremonies, or through the guidance of experienced spiritual practitioners.
  • It’s important to note that spirit guides respect an individual’s free will and do not intervene unless specifically asked or in situations where their intervention is necessary for the individual’s highest good. They do not control or dictate one’s choices but provide guidance and support to help individuals align with their spiritual essence and discover their true selves.
  • Developing a relationship with spirit guides involves cultivating awareness, openness, and trust. By deepening their connection with their guides, individuals can enhance their spiritual development, expand their consciousness, and gain valuable insights and wisdom to navigate their life’s journey.

Parting of the Veil

Later that same year, I returned to United States to visit parents in Queens, NY. I was entirely buzzing with excitement of newfound spirituality, and it was great to discover childhood friend had also developed similar interest around the same time. With 10+ years gap since we last spoke, there was plenty to catch up and we marvelled at each other’s life journey and spiritual experiences. We sat opposite each other, and at some point, in the middle of our conversation, I momentarily glanced down in the general direction of my feet. When I did, I noticed an object floating between my knees shaped like a zipper. As before with my spirit guide encounter, I was taken by complete surprise and before I could make any sense of what was happening, it proceeded to float downward and parted the ‘veil’ between the physical and normally hidden spiritual dimension. One moment, from the knees down I’m wearing denim jeans with trendy pair of boots. The next, I’m seeing white trousers with open toe sandals – only it wasn’t my feet. These feet were slightly larger than mine. It lasted for a few seconds only and then visual orientation returned to normal.

The context for this experience wouldn’t surface until a few weeks later; It’s significance, however, would take much longer. Without realising it, I was on course to experience what is commonly referred to as a spiritual crisis or emergency, which is a form of identity crisis resulting in significant disruption in psychological, social, and occupational functioning. In other words, my world would soon be torn apart, and two years later and still very much in a state of recovery, I remembered my ‘parting of the veil’ experience. This then triggered memory recollection of ‘Footprints’ poem (extract shared below) and opened wide the floodgates to healing. I began to understand my spiritual crisis was no accident, served a higher purpose, and that I was protected throughout.

“Lord, You said that once I decided to follow you, You’d walk with me all the way. But I have noticed that during the most troublesome times in my life, there is only one set of footprints. I don’t understand why, when I needed you most, you would leave me.” The Lord replied, “My son, My precious child, I love you and I would never leave you. During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I Carried You.”

Footprints by Margaret Fishback Powers

Remote Eye Projection

One early Saturday morning in 2005. I began the day by meditating. Not wishing to disturb my wife who was sleeping next to me, I quietly sat up in bed and continued practice (Raj Yoga) for approximately 45 minutes before deciding to return to sleep. I remember lying on the right side of my body, eyes closed and feeling very relaxed when suddenly a gentle wave of warmth swept across my face. A few seconds later, the normal black and empty canvas of mind suddenly became ‘illuminated’ and it was though I’m staring directly at a widescreen tv, only it was in my head. A showreel began counting down from five to one, followed by a simple cat animation (that helped me to settle more into experience) before projected onto the screen of my mind was a scene of an abandoned oil refinery and immediate surround area. Somehow, I ‘knew’ this was an opportunity for ‘exploring’ and so began to direct my attention to different areas within my field of awareness. As I did, my vision would follow instantly around the facility, penetrating metallic and earth structures if they happen to be in the way of my chosen attentional path.

Additional Comments & References:

  • Remote Eye Projection – According to the Robert Bruce, author of Astral Dynamics: The Complete Book of Out-Of-Body Experiences, a remote-eye projection occurs when an overtired person suddenly sees a vision of a remote scene very clearly, as if with physical eyes. This is usually a realtime scene fairly close to the projector’s actual location in the real world. Remote-eye projectors are usually, but not always, able to see in all directions at once. They are also usually unaware of having any type of body or mind at their remote eye’s location, although they will be fully aware of their physical body and its surroundings. They also usually have only limited influence over the movement of their remote-eye aspect, if any.
  • Academic Disssertation (Out-Of-Body Experience) – University of Northamption, UK
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